. one-hundred and FIDDY-three (WAR on boats)

9/05/2009 10:44:00 PM

It was a long hard fight my friends...

I tried, I fought... I fought to the finish, the very very finish.

I lost.


Half of it was self-discouragement, if that is even a word, I just started to say "it wasn't worth it" it wasn't a good idea to do that, however I knew it was no real use trying so hard for something that was too far from my reach. It used to be in my reach, until it left. Basically Adidas was a guy, and Footlocker was another guy who I barely talk to. Whatever though. I don't even care any more. Really. I am so fed up with it right now, I can't even talk about it. I can't. I through with all of it.

I tried though.

I can at least came out of this War alive, and with the ongoing memory of my strength to keep my endurance.

I saw one of my old crush that same night and had short conversation, that I ended myself, for some douchebaggy reason. But yeah, that is one good that came out of the bads of the evening.

Either way I had fun.

I guess.

Life is hard for shy people like me... who don't really enjoy sparking up conversation with random people ALL THE TIME, maybe once in a while... but not ALL THE TIME.

I don't have much else to say.

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