. one-hundred and FIDDY-two.(My conversation with the unknown)

9/04/2009 12:08:00 AM

Summer is almost over, there are basically like three days left.

I think I had an okay summer, even if I was phone-less for a great deal of it, un-employed, broke and all. It was still a good summer indeed. I went school shopping earlier this week and today, bought some quality binders, one new uniform school shirt and pair of pants, also I am going to the last jam of the summer tomorrow night. It's on a boat, sounds pretty great and yeah. Whoot.

However, enough about me...
I don't want to get all ME, ME, ME on you all, even though I've been doing that a lot lately, but only because there wasn't too much to talk about... other than me. I think everyone should have time to focus on themselves though.

So here's my topic: People who purposely sabotage your chances to get what you want, cause they want it.

I could be wrong, but let us just say, there is someone in my life right now who seems to be purposely not helping me get something, because they want it. This pisses me off, only because seeing that I never get many opportunities to take on this thing, or get this thing, and they always do. Why can't I just have my day once and a while you know? I am not much of a competitive person... but this person better watch out cause I am about to put the gloves on for this one. I could be jumping to conclusions, maybe they actually DID forget to mention me, maybe they didn't think about it or something. However, i am good at seeing things, I may act as if I don't know what is going on, but I always know... I just don't like starting shit with people that's all.

However, sometimes it just irritates me.

Maybe the person is just scared, cause they know I WILL get it. Even I know with a little push and a nudge here and there I WILL get what I am seeking for. It makes me smile sometimes to know how extremely scared people are that I just might win something they will never be able to. Well, maybe not ever, but not while I am in the picture. It was as if as soon as it was announced that I could get this thing... the two people who are always the ones to get the "thing" both tried to direct me to another thing. I found it really odd, and hilarious at the same time. I wish this blog was a bit more private so I can tell the whole story.... ITS TOO FUNNY.

I will try and put this in metaphorical terms though...

Here's the conversation:

UNKNOWN1: Oh yeah by the way... ADIDAS manager told me they're interested in you, and you should come in any time at around three or so for an interview.
SHARZ: Oh yeah? hmm. I really like ADIDAS too.
UNKNOWN2: But what about FOOTLOCKER?
UNKNOWN1: Oh yeah, didn't you like FOOTLOCKER too?
SHARZ: Meh, I barely care anymore.


days later...


UNKNOWN2: ADIDAS is a really hard hard job, look at all the employees they have, too.
SHARZ: Yup. I know... but I am still going to try and go for an interview.
UNKNOWN2: Do you still like FOOTLOCKER.
SHARZ: sure...
UNKNOWN2: Have you heard from FOOTLOCKER?
SHARZ: no..
UNKNOWN2: So what the eff?
SHARZ: Whatever, not as much as I like ADIDAS
UNKOWN2: Hmm...


Like, what the eff?
Every single time "Adidas" get brought up, so does "Footlocker"!
Which could possibly mean that the UNKNOWNS are trying to avert my mind from"Adidas" cause maybe they know that I could be seen as a threat.

This could just be another one of those situations... you know? The situations that help you get stronger, life lessons, life experiences and shit. This could help me become more of a go-getter and person who gets what they want, and takes on a challenge. Usually, I wouldn't be caught dead fighting for anything other than my rights, however... I think if I really ant something, I should go and fckn get it! I am going to get this.

End .


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