. one-hundred and FIDDY-six

9/22/2009 10:17:00 AM

I'm at school on my spare, I've either been too lazy or too busy to blog lately. So I decided to take this time on my spare to share some thoughts and check in on my blog. Not like there's much to check on.

So anyway...

Things on my mind right now would be:

1) this computer is pretty slow...

2) Kid Cudi's new album is DA' SHIIIIIT.

3) I want to learn how to DJ.

4) I need a job.. haha. but that's always on my mind.

5) I'm pretty hungry..

6) what a semi-gloomy day.

There is not too much to talk about right now, things have been pretty boring lately for me. Just the usual - school and shit. I've found that things are pretty different - minus the obvious fact that we're all older and one of our close friends moved schools for this year.... I've found that I am not quite feeling as much at place as I used to. Everyone's become a bit more independant and so have I. I have become a floater - that one who hangs out with whoever. ----

WHAT THE EFF. my ex is in the library. Anyway sorry that was random.. haha. -ehem- Sorry I barely see him anymore so when I see him I get all... weird. It's like a mixture of nervousness, fear, anxiety and maybe 0.5 percent of pain. You know the usual. Maybe a little less pain than 0.5. Maybe like 0.2 percent pain and 0.3 percent hatred...

Okay so he's gone now... haha. So what was I talking about?
Wait... before I even go back to what I was talking about, maybe I should extend my thoughts on my latest encounters with my ex-boyfriend. Okay. So we have only had conversation once... like real conversation. Alright so it's like ever since that whole facebook messaging thing he's been like talking to me hard. Not rude. Just in this weird way - as if he's trying to prove something. Like everytime he talks to me he has this face that illustrates a "nah, nah, nah boo boo. I'm talking to you see? so now you can't talk down on me...bitch." Like what the fuck? No one asked you to talk to me bitch, fuck.


Okay... so back to what I was talking about BEFORE I started talking about him.
(Scrolls up the screen to read back...)
Right. So yeah, I've become more independant, as if I don't need thier company. Besides that, I don't really care anymore either cause I know like not too much of them will keep in contact with me after this year. I'm not counting on it.

But yeah this subject got boring fast.

I want to learn how to DJ. One of my male friends said they'd teach me, but I needed to find a big space.... I CANT FIND ONE! Uuurrg. I need richer friends. Haha.

But yeah. I've decided that - although it would look good on my transcript, I can't join the STUDENT COUNCIL. Instead I'll just join the Prom Comittee. Yep. Sounds much better for my balance of school work, extra-curricular and so forth.

Other than all that...
My HAIR is doing good. A bit of shedding. I have not been manipulating it too much, I've been doing wash-n-go's like EVERYDAY. I've also been scrunching my coils to get them more defined, people have noticed. When the weather gets ridonks I am planning to weave it up. So... Yeah. I'll talk about that more when I get there.

So yeeeeeaah.
I'm doing alright, hope everyone else is also doing good. New readers are welcome.

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