. one-hundred and FIDDY seven

10/07/2009 11:03:00 AM

I wish i could speak another language....
so I can talk and no one could understand what I was saying... unless they spoke the same language as me. Its a random thought that was in my head since the beginning of second period.

Anyways.. I'm at school on my spare just had a sub at subway took a walk and came back to school. I have gained five pounds so.... I'm trying to lose it.

My hair grew to my mid eye... so that's exciting...

And i'm doing my little sister's hair today. Bantu Knot out. I'm going to bantu it up and in the morning I'm going to take it out so it's curly for her picture day.I'll record it and put it up on youtube, since i havent tubbed in a while. Haha.

School is going alright. Boring as ever, I just want to leave but.... I need to finsih this year. I SWEAR IF I GO THROUGH ONE MORE YEAR OF HIGHSCHOOL I'LL DIE!!

I remember when I used to wish we still had grade thirteen, however now I am actually very happy it's gone! Though maybe if we had grade thireteen I would feel like this yet. Maybe I only feel like this because I know this is the last year.

Life's hard.

I have nothing to say hairwise. I've been using the glycerine spritzer.
Aphogee is great for a conditioner, and that's pretty much all I've been doing with my hair. I was thinking about getting some extensions this weekend... cause I'm getting tired of de-flatening my hair every morning...

We'll see.

Just checking in on you.

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