. one-hundred and sixty-two

10/29/2009 01:00:00 PM

I have been trying to be a vegetarian for a few days now, but it's so hard.
It isn't hard because i love meat, it's hard because meat is EVERYWHERE. And it's so easy to get a hold of. I had a chicken shwarma for lunch, all because I was too hungry to search for anything non-meaty.


What am I going to do?

I'll keep trying until I can go three weeks without meat, then I know I'll be ready. I have searched on the web different things I can eat, and ways I can get certain protiens and vitamins. I SHALL DO THIS!!!!

Starting the next hour I am back on my vegetarian mission.
Also, I am trimming my hair later tonight since it's a good moon phase to trim.
I'll record a vid probably explaining what I've researched about moon phases affecting the earth and affecting routines.

yay me!
I have so much homework to do but I'll fit it in for a half hour.
It is third period, I'm in the library and I am procrastinating on my homework as I type. I suck at getting things done...


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