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8/29/2009 06:40:00 PM

I get compliments on how soft my skin is, and sometimes how acne-free it is... and natural it looks.

Though sometimes i use make-up when i'm going out... however truthfully i rarely wear make-up. Lately I have, since i wanted to hide some spots on my face, but I am about to quit doing that... and go back to trying to be healthier to avoid bad skin situations....

I shall share a few things that i do:
I exfoliate like 2 times a week, when I can. I used to do it like every other day, until I realized how crazy that is, and then I switched it to two times a week, or at least once a week.

Things I used to exfoliate would be:
Baking Soda & H2O

Lemon, and Sugar (and in the winter (or if i exfoliate before bed)I use almond/olive/shea butter oil in the mixture )

Lemon, Salt and H2O - but i don't even use this anymore.


Alot of people think a good wash is all it needs, well no!
You need to wash until you are sure everything is off. That is part of the reason why I like foaming cleansers, I feel as if it is working. However, I barely use foamy cleansers anymore. I am sticking with cetaphil right now.
However, these are the cleansers that I use.

Clearasil -any one
Neutrogena (spelling?)

And after I clean up the face I splash my face a few times with Oregano Oil mixed with Water.
It is THE ULTIMATE life saver when it comes to getting rid of ACNE I am telling you!

I tend to have major dry skin in the Winter, as do most people....So I try to moisturize better, but I hate looking oily. So I use a dime size of Almond oil and spread it on my face before I go to bed. It works.

I try to eat a lot healthier..
And I frequently try to remind myself to drink water, and even when I don't drink water alone... I dilute almost all my drinks with water.

That is all I do for now.

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