. one-hundred and fourty-three??

8/13/2009 07:11:00 PM

Okay so what's uppers people of the net!!!

I am so tired, let me tell you the past two days I have been doing nothing but work. I'm not getting paid, but I am doing work.

I cut my friend's hair last night, and then this morning we went to her house and renovated her flat, and scrubbed her carpet!! WHICH LET ME TELL YOU, WAS LIKE MOVING MOUNTAINS ALRIGHT!!
All cause these people are coming over to her place to chill, and she wants the place to be look-able. Which makes sense.

So, yeah...

I'm at heartless's houe right about now...
and I am with her waiting for the people to get here, I'm pretty hungry.

So, apparently my friends say that I always act miserable and stuck up around these new guy friends they made, who are spanish. Apparently they say I make them sad cause I don;t really talk around them. Well, I am not like that around all guys, it's just they usually talk to me first and then that makes me feel as if I am wanted and so I carry conversation. I hate when people do that. Like I may be one of those people who want people to talk to them first but, like i don't get all sad when theyh don't I just say fck it!
So apparently, my friend saiid they're too pussy to talk to me first, but I don't really care wether they want to talk to me or not... Sorry. But I really don't find them interesting at all. Like wtf.

I have no idea why...

Oh well. What the fuck man. It kind of pisses me off. If your so sad about it then do something the fuck about it. Like if I make you sad cause I am not going out of my way to make conversation with you, then fuck off or make something happen. WTF. Fuck you!!
Sorry, it just realy pisses me off. People are retarded. It's called taking an effort to talk... I mean. I talk from time to time and then people look at me and move on, so its like.... do you or don't you want me to talk. Guy's say they don't like shy girls, have you ever thought that GIRLS DONT ENJOY SHY GUYS EITHER, like fuck.

Get with the program!!

I may sound like some sort of hypocrite but, whatever...
like I really care, I have enough shit to do, the least you can do is say hi or something. How the eff do you expect to get anythig out of me, if I have nothing to say or talk to you about?!
Ridiculous man.
So. Ridiculous.

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