. one-hundred and FIDDY. (lmao)

8/29/2009 03:17:00 PM

I went to Zellers today before going to fix my cell phone, and I bought some school supplies, along with a nice blousey-dress and a nice cotton cardigan. I always tryout my pencils and pens on my new notebooks and I decided to write my goals down on paper. Not only to try out my pens, but also cause I was planning to do that on my blog. So I guess I can share those with you right now…

  1. Stay fit
  2. Keep room as clean as possible for more than a week or two.(try forever)
  3. Maintain at least an 80%
  4. Always do homework, it helps, and you know it does… so do it.
  5. No skipping class, no matter how hungry you are…
  6. Maintain good attendance.
  7. Keep your head up.
  8. Stay focused.
  9. Be independent, and don’t be afraid to get a little bossy at times.
  10. Be a go-getter.

So hopefully I can stick to those, and I may add a couple more to the mix.

I will be doing a lot of updates and things more when school starts, cause then I will have a lot of venting to do. However, I have one thing to vent about right now, and that is guys. There is this guy who says he likes me and whatever, but he has a girlfriend, and it is so annoying to me when males think this is attractive. This isn’t attractive, this being cheating on your girlfriend with me, or wanting to cheat on her with me…. this is very repulsive and selfish. Men. STOP THIS. I do not find this intriguing in any way whatsoever, so I really think he should at least tell his girlfriend that he wants a little break. Then it could be a tad acceptable, cause in the end he isn’t really cheating, he’s exercising his variety and choices, i guess.

I think he’s cute and sweet and all. However, I am not trying to be that “other girl” in those triangle situations. Though I know how pathetic this choice is, I rather be the ‘played girl’, cause at least she was there first and all that jazz.

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