. one-hundred and forty-five

8/17/2009 08:19:00 PM

Reinventing is hard...

I love the way my blog looked in the beginning and all, however now I want to change it up a bit... or maybe more than a bit.

I don't know if I should though..

I probably shouldn't. I should leave it the way it is... before I screw anything else up. Haha. Which as you can probably see... I have.
Things have been going pretty normally, I've oddly been in a very good mood for a long time, and I have become a little bit of a neat freak when bored. Just today I'm feeling lazy so, I haven't done too much cleaning. My room is pretty spotless and things are very much organized, to the best of thier ability and spaced out. Maybe that is why I'm feeling so much better. Mybe my grandmother was right about having a clean room making me feel lighter and better. The clutter may be a working factor to my grumpy-ness at times.

I still am jobless.
I am still looking for a job...
My headphones are totaled.
However I have discovered a lot of new music, like OH MAN....

I always share fashion blogs, however I will share a few sites where you can find music:

Well, that is only one right now....
But yeah, check that site up from time to time, or even check on the left side of the site and they have ads, so I usually search on imeem to check out the artist;s sound
So far i haven't been disappointed.
As I type, I am making a little playlist of an artist I just discovered named Diplo... I may be late depending on if you've heard of him for a long time or not...
however, he's a really good DJ.

I've noticed there is some Dancehall/reggae snippets in a lot that he does. I love all of it though, not even just cause of the D.hall. I hope you guys like the playlist.
It may not give you the whole song, so if it doesn't, you can click the link or something and maybe it'll pop-out or send you to the imeem location.

Talking about DJs.

I have considered learning how to DJ. I always thought it looked fun, and always wanted to do it, not as a career, but as a little fun hobby.
You know? So I have this guy friend and he DJs part-tie, and he said he'll TEACH ME!! Yay!!
I think I'd be pretty great man.

So yeah.
I don't think I have much else to say right now. I really enjoy the other blog i made. It's easy to do really, just uploading a bunch of looks i like and shit i find interesting.
once again it is: fckyouyoko.blogspot.com.

So here is the playlist my friends...
And I haven't thanks the readers/subscribers in a while. So thanks a lot people!!
I may do a poll or something to see what you want me to do ..

Well anyway, this post was pretty much all over the place. Sorry. Though, I'm pretty sure my posts are always all over the damn place, haha

So I'm out...
Here's the playlist, give it a little listen!


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