. one-hundred and fourty-two

8/11/2009 02:16:00 AM

You know when you get a feeling that someone likes you, and then you kind of get excited cause you kind of like them as well? Well I'm in one of those situations again.

So if anyone remembers afrokid from a couple posts ago
I haven't made any moves or anything, the most I've done is tell my friend that I liked him... but the downside is, he's shy.
Which sucks, cause I am not a person that likes to make the first move, out of all honesty... I like when it's so un-expected that I like the person. I usually try to hide my feelings for someone by just acting totally normal around them. Looks as if I'll have to go out of my comfort zone... hm.


So I got a phone from a friend for an easy 50 bucks. I may get a sim card from my other friend...and I have to somehow buy a charger for this cell. Geez.

I still need a job though.... haha. I've just decided to give up n this job search though, it is getting completely ridiculous.

It's hard wanting things, and not getting things. No one sent me anything for my birthday this year... I wonder why? I usually ALWAYS get a card in the mail, but this year I didn't, not even a phone-call from the U.S or Jamaica... but whatever. I barely care to hold grudges or anything like that. I have just come up with the idea that, I should live my life and live it to the full. I don't have time to waste on grudges and people who are out to hurt me, or discourage me, or do me wrong. I can't wait to not give anyone my number.... haha! It's gonna be exclusive. TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE. I'll give it to people I feel I may need to talk to. other tan that... blahhs.


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