. one-hundred and thirty-eight

8/26/2009 11:51:00 AM

before I begin:
I found this site solely focused on D.I.Y stuff called ThreadBanger. Check it out at http://www.threadbanger.com/

My sister came back from the U.SofA last weekend, and she brought our dad's mother along with her to spend like three days in Canada with us, though I only spent one out of three of those days and it was the last day, to see her off. Haha. I don't think you guys really know the story of me and my dad's mother. But basically, she was hoping I would be an abortion and hated my mother, and cusses my mom everyday and once when I was younger, every morning her, my father, and my step-mother would team up on the phone and discuss my mom and grandmother as if the were douchebags. When in reality, they've both done more for me than my father, my grandmother(on my dad's side) and my step-mother could do for me in three years so.....

That pissed me off and I cursed her off and asked my grandmother (the grandma i'm living with) send me a ticket back to canada early cause after a while I am the type of person to just leave a frustrating and annoying situation. So that's what I did. And since then, our relationship has never been the same. I can't force myself to love someone, and so I dont. I hate when people talk about my mother, end of discussion.


So I am definitely happy my little sister is back, I am also going to attempt to go job hunting for the last time this summer before school starts, and hopefully I get something. I'm dying out here.

I have gotten lazy with my hair, and I am not exactly taking the best care of it right now. However I am just strictly doing wash-n-go's since they're easy and cute.

I cannot believe summer is almost over. However, I think this summer was a pretty good one.


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