People just irritate me at times...(EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

6/04/2011 08:20:00 PM

That's right...

If you are making an event and irritating bitches to come to youre shit... that shit better be going OFF! Like, rain or shine! Unless someone dies, that shit better be happening. But dont back out and cancel it a few hours before the shit starts! Thats telling me... my time isn't worth shit and you can just cancel it three hours before the start time and nothing going to happen. Fuck you man. Think I'm your groupie!? Hell no. I'm a human being and I'm your "friend" if I'm not your best friend thats cool, but don't fuck with my time.


Okay well. You cancelled. So when a bitch asks you WHY? You better answer dont just act like "whatever its cancelled bitches deal with it." No fuck you bitch! You better give me an answer cause I cut out a piece of my day for you and then you fucked with my shit. So you better have reasons.

So whatever... the rudeness doesn't answer me so I call someone to find out. They cancel because it was damp outside so they dont feel like going anymore. FUCK.... YOU. It's not even raining. I rained last night. So it's damp now!


Plans back on.... wtf.

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