Weird ass dream...

6/22/2011 11:11:00 PM

Had this effing weird ass dream where I was about to take out my braids, and someone was really trying to convince me NOT to do it. Hahah, it was so weird.
But whatever, I am taking out the braids this weekend.

Retouching my colour but I feel like its not light enough!!! GONNA GO FRICKEN HONEY BROWN IN THIS BIIITCH!

No, not really...
I dunno, the pictures are up there of my preference.

I am not as worried anymore about the damage because all I really need to do is make sure I am totally treating my hair to lock in moisture. Moroccan Oil is really good, I may try it as the treatment.

Im talking bull today though cause Im on my period..
first day.
hellla cramps.

Gonna go now.

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