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1/18/2011 06:28:00 PM

Living away from home, I don't do the things I am used to doing all the time and thus I lose a bit of myself in the mess of it all. I have been trying to get back on track though, and though it is still a little difficult - I think I can pull through. starting today.

One of things I have always been accustomed to is Drinking tea. Since I was a kid, drinking tea was a HUGE part of my upbringing and it was no joke - it was the answer for almost EVERYTHING.

Indigestion? Drink some tea.

Cramps? Drink some tea.

Headache? Drink some tea.

Gas? Drink some tea?

Cold? Drink some tea.

Insomnia? Drink some tea?

Butterflies in your stomach? Drink some -

Okay, I think you get my drift.
So basically, I haven't been drinking a lot of tea, and thus I feel as though I have lost my cool and tea, gimmie a break!" I feel as though, its how I grew up. So now I am drinking tea.. and I am a HUGE tea ENTHUSIAST, at least I like to think so. I love trying new teas, not into coffee but I don't mind teas and Lattes.

This new tea Im trying is called Melissa tea - which has many different uses and many different purposes.


In illness

Melissa is antispasmodic, emmenagogic, a stimulant for the nervous system, and a tonic for the cardiac system. It is extremely good for headaches, depression, nervous anxiety, palpitations and insomnia.

Melissa tea

This is slightly sedative (because of the citronellol) and is good for insomnia due to high blood pressure around the time of menstruation or menopause. It is also very good for nervous tension and depression. Put a good 15 ml (a heaped tbsp) of leaves in the teapot, add 600 ml (1 pint) boiling water and infuse for 10 minutes. Drink two to four times a day with a little honey if desired. It is a very pleasurable drink and I have found it very helpful, especially as a tonic in the morning.

(See also anaemia, anorexia nervosa, colic, coughing, cramp, dysmenorrhoea, stings and bites and stress.)

The name melissa derives from the Greek word for bee because the plant is irresistible to bees and has been grown for this purpose for centuries.

(info from http://www.aromatherapybible.com/melissa.php)

Happy Soothing!

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