Another HAIR POST : Braid Extensions

5/20/2011 12:03:00 AM

So..... I love my hair, but I really need to was my scalp cause it's getting a bit hectic in there and I need some cleaning. y hair isn't the EPITOME of dirty... but it is still a little bit ridiculous. So I searched up some ways to keep my hair style looking "FRESH TAH DEATH" without making my hair get raunchy.

Here we go!

First and foremost..

I have put braid extensions in my hair in order to grow it out. Many people do this however are not sure how long to leave the hairstyle in before redoing it. So I would recommend (upon the research I have done) that keeping it in for 2 months at a time is best for hair growth. So every two months your braids! :)

If I had known earlier I would've done this.. but because I didn't I will start it out now: Shampooing your scalp daily is said to be good for growing your hair while in extensions. But if you don't want your braids to get jacked up then go ahead and massasge the shampoo into your scalp and sponge wash your braids.


Use a mild shampoo and squeeze your twists to shampoo with diluted shampoo. See description below

Pour streams of diluted shampoo and warm water from a large cup over your braid extensions twists, or braids. Squeeze with a sponge to shampoo and rinse. Towels squeeze; after your hair has stopped dripping, add your liquid hair strengthener and your braids spray all over your hair. Only add the strengthener and braid spray to the scalp each time you shampoo. You can add these 2 products daily to your actual braids or you can simply add the braid spray whenever needed. To saturate your braids thoroughly, use a sponge full of liquid hair strengthener and/or braid spray over a bowl. Squeeze the sponge throughout your braids.

NOTE: Your braids will stay in the best condition if you shampoo this way and add these 2 products when needed for braid nourishment. When you take out your braid extensions, your hair will be in very good condition instead of dry and weak.

If your still worried about the braids' condition then do this weekly instead of daily.

Also the best type of hair to do this with is 100% KANEKOLON hair extensions.

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