Good News and Bad News.. again.

5/22/2011 09:54:00 PM

University is already tensing me and I am not even there yet!
Anyways... so far I have gotten ALL my replies from Ryerson Uni. 1 No, 1 Yes and 1 Wait Listed.


Well at least I got in. There's that. And I was wait listed for Journalism and declined from Radio and Television due to competition. Meh, this is obviously what I get for slacking off to that max throughout senior year. Right? Yeah... that needs to definitely stop to some degree.If not completely. Well, I just need to get this "victory lap" over and done with and move the fuck on. I am so done with High School right now, it's not even a joke. Happy it is almost over, and extremely happy I only had to upgrade one course and not everything.. or even worse go another year for my diploma. Jebus Christ!

Now I am just trying to ride out a migraine and drinking liquid in order to attempt to cancel out the feeling of getting a cold. Stayed out last night with some old classmates, who are best friends with my boyfriend. I had a good time... first time I have had fun like that with those group of people. I mean, I have hung out with them before but not like, having endless fun like that. I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

I guess sometimes you just have to give new people a chance. Even though those guys weren't exactly new to me... they were sort of new. I guess I have been a bit hostile toward getting open with people who don't know me well enough, and the lesson I learned yesterday was... just let things happen. Especially if people are just genuinely trying to have a good time with you, just let it happen. Yes you can be cautious and whatnot. However... just be prepared for the worst at all times.

Never be caught completely off guard.

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