Another transition into Adult life.

5/02/2011 08:54:00 PM

So I've had this blog for a while, and though this chapter of my life seems to be less about hair and more about my internal life turmoils.... I'm still going to write whatever the hell I want cause this is MY space. Hahahaaaaaa! >:]

Anyways, so I voted today for the first time ever! It was Canada's Federal Election Day today and I voted. Just turned 18, and wanted to vote in order to try and change things in my nation. Did I vote for what my parents voted for? No, because I didn't agree with them, I even tried to change their mind a little bit.. haha, but no I did not let their views shape my own. I know what I want from my gov't, and so I went to try and obtain it.

I was nervous, and folded my ballot wrong. They understood though and said thank you for taking part in it, they knew I was new.

So... any Canadians watching I hope you voted today, it's really important to take part in you democracy... cause one day it may be taken away from you.. then you'd have no choice at all.

If you didn't vote... well, let's hope you take what I said and apply it to your future.

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