. one-hundred and sixty-five (FUCK YOUR COUCH)

11/22/2009 06:41:00 PM


so life's amazing the way it can really fuck you up, and then show you an abundance of opportunities only to fuck you up by limiting you to only a few.

Love can be so weird - like love and being 'in love'.
I love people... I love a lot of people. However, it isn't unusual that I am in love with no one.

Learning is funny. you learn from your mistakes, and then make new ones.

I always think about reversing time for a bit in order to do things all over again. But then i think about what I have, ad I rethink - do I really want to try all over again? Cause I have actually met really great friends and nice people in my lifetime. But then, I've met some folks who I wish I never laid eyes on, or even gave them the time of day.
What I just said...
is the reason why I am incompetent when it comes to making new friends, I am afraid I may regret knowing them. They may do some shit that will piss me off - and I already have a few forgiveness problems.
I'm actually just writing, cause I am procrastinating from reading through my textbook and answering a few questions - but then again I have a spare at 2nd period. Thats what spares are for. :)
Hm, OH!

I went on a date last night (saturday night) with some dude I ALWAYS said no to, however 'heartless' said I should give him a chance. The irony of the fact that 'heartless' out of all people tells me to give the boy a chance, but anyway...

It was alright, my grandma told my father so he gave me a slight curfew. He thinks anything to do with men lead to sexual activity.

Movies? = SEX
Homework? = SEX
Walk downtown/Shopping? = SEX
Fix my laptop? = SEX
Dinner? = SEX
you get it?

So yeah, we only ended up chilling for a while, it wasn't quite enough time for me to feel anything. Like we were talking a bit during the movie... but that wasn't even enough cause I was actually watching it. We watched The Blind Side, it was actually really touching/humorous and motivating.

But yeah, it was alright... we ran into a few schoolmates and I was very displeased by it... I mean he chooses the most popular theatre in the fuckin city to watch a movie.
So I am only hoping rumors don't spread, cause it can turn quite ugly - on account of there are a bit of issues relating to him and me and people in a certain circle, i really shouldn't even care though. Still, I really do not feel like getting in the middle of anything either.


Moving on...
I bought some Cantu Shea butter finally.
it's good... really good.
smells a bit like relaxer though.


well, thats all I got right now.
2 new readers! hi there! thanks for your interest!
I'm going to finish my dinner.....

-sharz! :)

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