. one-hundred and seventy

11/30/2009 04:46:00 PM

Alright bizniatchess!!!

What up?!

Yeah... so i had a mild-anxiety attack today after receiving my university application information and deadline info this morning.


Yeah, but I'm so serious.
I walked out of my guidance office, and went to the library to start some homework, and I was sitting there and my heart was feeling heavy as if some BIG FAT MAN was sitting on my chest, and I could not breathe. I decided to head to my youth worker at school to talk about my issues, but she was no where to be found.
So I went to the only person I could go to next... my vice-principal.
Me and her are pretty well-off, she used to be a science teacher then got a serious promotion to VP which is odd...

She's a lesbian...but that is okay.. I just thought I should add that.

So I knocked on the door and was all like "miss, can I speak to you for a sec?"
then I told her about my anxiety issues, and my day at the hospital, and my struggles to be a vegetarian - which she said was a great healthy choice, but I should really get used to not being casual about iron and protein intake.
Then I talked about how I got the university application forms and stuff and that really triggered the anxiety.

She was all like:
"Sharifa, this is a reasonable reaction, and you're a really great girl and you've done a lot for the school... so don't worry if you think you're bothering me cause I think it is an honor to help you on your way up."
Which made me feel a bit better, and my anxiety was going away...

Then she said how she has no doubt that I can make it through this transition and that she knows I will love university, and the academics won't be a problem for me, and meeting new people won't be a problem for me, and predicted me coming home from thanksgiving holidays just saying how much I love university.

Great miss, great...

Like, how about that???

My work ethic right about now, is HORRIBLE!

My stoner friend was all "you're work ethic is horrible, if YOU say it is horrible. YOU can cange that by saying MY WORK ETHIC IS MAGNIFICENT."

Thanks germs, thanks a lot.

He better be right though, cause I may try it today. haha!

Later, my granny is calling after me... and I got to start this cleaning, laundry, and homeworking.

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