. one-hundred and seventy-one. (Diary Of A...)

12/03/2009 10:17:00 PM

Mad Black Woman just helped me make sense out of my situation.

It is not much of a situation but, it is a situation of sorts. My situation with the IT.
It and I originally wanted to be friends, however it didn't work out, I knew it would not, and indeed it did not and now we barely talk, we've been not talking for 4 months and barely talking - and when I say barely I mean, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, for 7 months sort of..

I was watching 'Diary Of A Mad Black Woman' last weekend and it came to the part where the main black girl goes back to her ex-husband when he comes out of the hospital, and she's breaking it to that fooyyyne sexy man she had been engaged to.

-foyyne guy walks to the door
girl: "WAIT!"
foyyne guy: wait? wait what?!, what!? what!? what!? what!?... what do you want from me!? You want me to say "lets be friends??!"
girl: "yes.."
foyyne guy: you don't get it. when you REALLY love someone.. you can't be just friends.

SCENE ends.

Im not saying we loved each other, cause that is extreme, but we both fell very fast into the relationship, and I remember him saying I had him 110%..
which seems fairly close to love no??

Not trying to make myself feel good, Im jut trying to make a point...

So maybe that is why we can't be friends with each other... cause we've just ruined it so much with all that went on... that there's no going back to friendship without any feelings.

feel me?

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