. one-hundred and eighty-one!

12/30/2009 10:13:00 PM




You’re a force of nature today Leo, as a lunar eclipse illuminates your hidden powers. Follow the guidance of your inner voice, even if it defies logic to a certain degree. It’s time to tap into a deeper dimension of your persona than you ever have before. Tonight marks a symbolic passage of your identity. As 2009 closes, you leave an outmoded way of being behind, and step forward into a new, more fitting identity. Marriage proposals and other binding agreements may be in the offing tonight. The true adventure begins when you commit yourself fully to something…or someone.


July 23 - August 22

For the week of December 28 - January 03

This week, a shimmering lunar eclipse helps you find the balance between the real and the imagined. You’re able to harmonize both energies with the power of practical magic. Those daily routines don’t have to feel like a grind anymore. Some creative shifts to your time management, fitness routines, and systems of organization await. Put exercise and efficiency on the top of your list of resolutions. Then, make friends with your inner Martha Stewart (a Leo too) and start decoupaging, drilling and decorating away. Some activities may be “eclipsed out” of your life as the year comes to a close, especially ones that involve you volunteering too much of your time. There are only 24 hours in a day, Leo, and while it’s noble to answer the call of civic duty (as well as the calls of friends in the throes of personal dramas), having the appropriate balance of activities in your schedule is essential as you step into the new year. Prioritize your personal goals. It’s possible to make a living while doing something amazingly helpful for the world. There’s a ceremonious vibe in the air for you on New Year’s Eve. Consider dropping by (or hosting) a guided meditation, yoga class, or prayer circle to clear your mind. You’ll want to ring in 2010 with a group of spiritually uplifting friends. Before you hit the party circuit, gather together and set your intentions for the year ahead by candlelight.

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