. one-hundred and seventy-six (thoughts)

12/18/2009 10:48:00 PM

Sitting here, I know that the expressions I show can change the perception of everything.
I know that if I smile many will assume I am happy, just like if I cry, many will assume I am sad.
And it's weird how you can judge someone from across the room, without even really knowing them, but judging them just because you can.
Cause you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it?
It's just sad how you can put your mind into judging someone easier than putting your mind to doing something more useful.
"Fuck whatchya heard, Im the best dancer out here!" Greastest at that, but do you really know anything?

that prick, the immature son of a real stinkin' raggedy ole' bitch, who is constantly doing different things to piss you off every now and then, however, won't put their mind to work on their slipping grades.
And like that girl who keeps trying to find the best foundation for her troublesome skin, but is behind on her schoolwork...

I don't know if it takes a strong person to overcome these distractions, or if it's the strong people who are being distracted...
I dont even know what I am saying...

All I do know is:
Im coming down with a cold, my throat is sore, im tired, thirsty, and craving waffles.


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