. one-hundred and seventy-seven (SICK)

12/19/2009 01:23:00 PM




SO IM ON MSN messenger all day because i dont feel like talking. IT ONLY MAKES ME WANT TO DIE!!

I have to cancel my date for this evening which was re-scheduled for tonight cause last weekend i was simply too busy with homework to even GO OUT at all.
I am secretly hoping I will miraculously be cured by 6pm in order to enjoy my little date at the waffle house with islandJ (which is what we shall refer him as, for the anonymous -ness of this blog..


So yeah, If i feel better by 5 pm I will go... but if I dont... I may have to end up cancelling on the dude. UGH sorry islandJ, but I won't enjoy the damn waffles if all im thinking abut is how gross my throat feels....

HAPPY HOLIDAYS though, because it is that time again.. Im on break for the mutha flippin holidays. I tarted this blog JANUARY 3rd? JANUARY 4th? some shit like that, and its almost going to be A FUCKIN YEAR since I started... or was it december? WHEN THE FUCK DID I start this shit???

-goes to 'edit posts' to look back at first post-
Alright so it was DEC. 29th 08
so, I was definately OFF on the anniversary date but oh well, I only started REALLY posting in january.
LINK HERE:http://shariebelleemancipation.blogspot.com/2008/12/mood-crazy-inspired.html
short introduction to why i have started this blog.

Me talking about my transistional journey from relaxed hair to natural hair
My Big Chop.
My Thoughts
My Challenges (not only with hair but with gr. 11 and student life )
And more exciting things...

My name is Sharifa,(I use ShariEbelle because its my name mixed with an african name 'Ebelle' which means mercy/kindness, just in case you were wondering, you probably weren't though)) I am sixteen turning seventeen in about 8 to 7 months (depending on how you count months and stuff...i start from the current month), and i am from Canada. So I'm guessing this is where i introduce myself and tell you about myself in brief detail(or elaborated detail for some...).

So here I go.

It all started about a month ago or so, when i went to the hair dresser and she relaxed my hair for me once again, because i was due...probably a couple weeks overdue. Well, she put it in and after, oh i don't know five minutes, it started really bothering me and burning...so I told her it was burning and she told me to just wait another fifteen minutes for it to settle in.
Now..im not the kind of person that likes to be demanding and bothersome, but that day it really was irritating me and i actually felt as if i would start to cry. Yes...cry. So then when she washed it out it was still burning! Yes.. STILL BURNING! So I go home and its still stinging like a -beep-. So i decide to ignore it cause, i am not too good with pain, so I thought this was just me being a baby.

Long story short....
It stung for a week.

After a week i couldn't stand it anymore and had to be emancipated.
When i say emancipated, i mean not just from the irritating stinging in my head, but the whole relaxing thing in general. But i did NOT want to just start with a BIG CHOP and go on from there...
So i searched for other ways to transition without shaving my head...

long story short i looked at some videos on youtube got inspired and explored some more and found NAPPTURALITY.COM, and assumed this site could be very helpful. And its proving me very correct so far, and inspiring me more to read about peoples results and journeys and tips.

i was already starting from last month, but then went back and permed my hair cause my grandma got ticked, but that time i let my friend do it for me...and she only sort of "touched it up"

that was at the beginning of the month, so now im starting again.

Though i can't help thinking....
i feel too young to be making such a decision...
but i really think i rather be natural that "relaxed"

cause "relaxed isn't really RELAXING at all...
its gosh darn stressful.

sorry this may have been long...but, Hello again and looking forward to the experience.
It should be very...interesting. sad.gif

-ShariEbelle. happy.gif


Soooo yeah!
Im all over the place right now, cause I am sick and to lazy to and sick to organize my thoughts. I think I OD'd on medication and remedies today....
my brain is going slow too, like literally.

So instead of writing anything else, that may be percieved as ODD, like the fact that I've sorta been staking island1's new 'friend's' facebook like a little stalker to the point where i want to deactivate my facebook because I am getting a little CRAAAAAAZZAAAAAYYY!!!!!!

Wow, I'm fried.

WAY TOO MUCH MEDICATION/REMEDIES for this illness right now. I need to nap. I've been up since 7AM and its 1:37
Im watching Will and Grace.

FUCK. Im so sick

I dont want to cancel My date but I have to...
And what ever happend to me taking you back to JANUARY?
---LETS GO! -pdiddy voice (cause hes always saying 'lets go!' on twitter!) -
this is the post i did on the toilet


* Mood: crazy boored
* Listening to: Walking On A Dream by Empire Of The Sun
* Reading: True Believer
* Eating: N/A
* Drinking: kool aid jammers

ON MY MIND @ zee MOMENT (Dont mind the white people...only one of then are my friend.the one with darker hair..lol)

The photo above is me on New Years Day ... early early in the morning, maybe at 1 something in the morning?
Never drinking again peoples.

I feel way better now though, i actually didn't have to puke forcefully, it didn't even end up happening. What i did was drink some sulfur bitters, as a way to clean out my system. I cannot believe it actually worked.
So i dug deep into my files and found some photos that i have here, that was ent to me from my friends, cause a long long time ago my beautiful Canon got stolen...i cried...it was horrible.

I thought i would put them up.. The photo above was a faux-hawk though, in case i didn't already say that.. i tend to repeat myself sometimes.
I need to stop that..it bores people.
when i find all of them i'll ad them to one folder so that its easy to upload..i like the easy routes.

its pretty easy to do, the faux hawk i mean. But in case people were wondering here is a step by step thingy:

1) Wash Hair- This way when you do your bantu braids or chiny bumps its sort of easier to manage.
2) Part hair into workable sections
3) I take this time to oil my scalp with Triple Grow dry scalp treatment (its really god, and it actually works! no word of a lie!)
4) Start the chiny bimps. I like to make the center ones more smaller and defined than the others
5) I like to oil my scalp again between the bumps.
6) Wrap it up and go to bed.
7) Wake up and brush your teeth and put on your clothes first, cause i don't like when i try to pull a shirt over my head gently but still end up screwing up my hair...
8) Take out the bumps and the curls shall appear
9) Comb and brush up the sides however high you like.
10) Set the clips and pins to keep the hair in palce, you may need ALOT.
11) Spray it with sheen and hairpray.
DONE! =]


1) Wash your hair.- so that its clean
2) Dry it and Oil your scalp.
5) Brush/Comb through with a blow-dryer- this wait it gets straight-ish (not this is for transistioners...cause i am not completely natural yet..i should have mentioned that earlier eh?)
6) Relax for a minute
7) Start the bumpin' just like #4 in Part One.
8) Oil in between the bumps
9) WRAP IT UP and go to bed.
10) Wake up and blah blah..
11) Now if you used really nice slickin' conditioner when you take out your bumps they should sort of hang lose and freely and look really nice and smooth. Retro to da max, like the oldest sister from the cosby show. lol.
12) Sheen it....and hairspray is optional. I don't hairspray this one too much, cause i like when it looks nice and soft, not hard like a stone.


- Sharz

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