. one-hundred and seventy-three (precious)

12/10/2009 09:22:00 PM

I watched it..

it inspired me in some ways, by telling a story of a girl who definitely has it worse than me, yet coming through and even raising her own two children at sixteen. I know, wether I watched the movie or not, that my life isn't the WORST EVER. I have shelter, I have family and friends and education... all these things are being taken for granted.

Even though the poor girl kept being taunted and tortured, she still managed to hold her head up, and try to push all the bad things away...

I went to the doctor today, I registered for a new family doctor... finally, and I told her my home situation and why mental illness was checked off on the paper under 'family sicknesses'
The lady kept going on about how sad my childhood must have been, but thank god I have a grandmother. It is true. My childhood was pretty fucked up. Looking at me, it would be the last thing you'd think of. But I pulled through and pushed them away, sure I cried, and am still crying, a few times a month.... and I wonder why the eff am I on this earth for, really. However, I am still going to pull through, because all these things happen for a reason.

I hope I am my own little success story.

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