. one-hundred and seventy-two (QUESTION FOR THE LADIES)

12/06/2009 01:23:00 PM

Some man on the train came up to me and my friends and asked me if this was my real hair...

I said yes.

He said it didn't look real..

he seemed as though he was drunk or something so i just ignored him a bit..
then he said I should shave it off...

I got a bit angry... but didnt care cause he was bald and didn't look cute anyway.

That was my second encounter with a man on the street at random commenting about my hair, though the first encounter that man said he wanted to be my boyfriend.. i was like.. ---errmmm

This guy said i should shave it off...

Then probably two or three weeks ago there was a guy, looked around my age or a bit older, he was cute, and he was starring at me and my hair the whole time, and whenever I looked at him he'd look away as if he was nervous or something, but he kept following me... not really following me, but walking close to me and looking.

I don;t know what it is exactly...
Someone told me my hair may make people think I am one of those afrocentric 'power to the people' knowledgable girls, but I can be fun too! Haha...

Oh yeah, I actually had THREE encounters yesterday. My first one was actually in the morning with this guy who came up to me, I was reading a book to make it worse - and the book was about the end of the world and whether it is the end or the beginning TO MAKE IT WORSEx2...
He smiled at me when I looked up at him.. and I smiled cause he wasn't bad looking and I am not a snob...

Him: Good Morning sis.
Me: Hey.... -smile with a tad of awkwardness-
Him: that's your real hair right?
Me: Uh.. yes... -i pull up pieces and show him my scalp... cause i hate getting that question...I GET IT ALOT! -
Him: Haha, I knew it. And you look beautiful if I may add.
Me: -blush,blush- thank you. :)
Him: -hands me a card for some african american egyptian-like black muslims Q&A forum and oils and butters store- and walks away.

Ok well I found it funny that he gave me that card cause my dad already had some of the books on the advertisements, I can't wait to show him that I got stopped by one... I sort of been ooking for one of these..
I know.. you probably may not get what I am saying here, but if you grow up in the enviroment I have grown up in since birth you might...

I could tel he was a bit nervous, it was cute but he was probably too old for me anyway. HAHA!
Poor guy, he was flustered.

Question: Does it piss you off when guys, or anyone asks you 'is that your hair?'
BlackOnyx on youtube likes it... I dont. you?

Anyway, I got to go fold clothes and do some homework. LOVE YALL!
-monique accent-

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