. one-hundred and eighty!!

12/29/2009 01:46:00 AM

It is 1:46am


I haven't started ANY of my piles of holiday homework.

I am the master of procrastination. it is not something I am particularly proud of- however, it is the truth.

(I may make a youtube vid of it... but in case I dont...here goes)

1. FORGIVE. Life is too short for grudges.
2. DON'T BOTTLE THINGS UP. Let it out, and let it go.
3. BE MORE DRIVEN. Get off my ass and DO my shit!
4. BE HAPPY. Happiness is always good.
5. DON'T PUT YOURSELF DOWN. It's okay to not be like someone else. TAKE PRIDE IN THAT, and keep it movin'
6. KEEP IT MOVIN' . Don't linger on to things, in a state of sadness or melancholy. Get the raft and boogie on to the next challenge because Life isn't just going to STOP and wait for you to get MY shit together. Life doesn't give two shits about MY shit, when it has a lot more shit to offer me. YOU NEED TO REALIZE THAT ALL GOOD COMES FROM ANYTHING IN LIFE... Whether its right away or years later. The experience will cary you on into possibly destroying the next challenge you face.

To be continued?

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