[LIFE] Overcompensators & "The Haters" / "Basic Bitches"

8/25/2013 08:10:00 PM

I was with a friend the other afternoon and we were talking and perusing the mall, when she had told me that she had bought a pair of VS athletic shorts for 50$..because she was pressured by a friend (who I used to be friends with - so I could totally understand what she was saying).  She had said that whenever they go out to the mall all together, this friend always makes her feel cheap because she is always splurging on really expensive things like MK, Juicy Couture, Burberry and the like..so my friend was feeling pressured to also buy something that was pretty expensive and a waste of her cash just so she wouldn't feel so sub-par. I know how she feels because...well I used to be in the same situation. I was barely pressured to buy - but I would definitely feel very cheap. I didn't bother saying much other than: "I understand, cause I have been there too.". My friend wanted to return the shorts (which I guess she did Saturday, since she wanted to do it ASAP)...

I know that it isn't as easy as saying "I don't like going out shopping with her because of X, Y &Z", but it isn't healthy if you have a "friend" who makes you feel cheap. It's either you are jealous or they are overdoing it. & I know she isn't jealous, I have been there and I know that due to this person's insecurities - she tends to overcompensate with her lux garments and lux life that she seems to be living. I just feel somewhat sorry for those people who can no longer love themselves enough to do what they want without making others feel worthless. But I guess the saying is: "Turn Down For WHAAA?!" ..or something?

Well, conspicuous consumption will do that to you... sometimes if you can't see through it you end up feeling "basic" beside someone like that. However, I can see right through it...and thus, I was never pressured that much.


Just had to get that off my chest.


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