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8/24/2013 07:23:00 PM

  Sometimes I bounce between one genre to another and some artists to others... I always tend to revisit them later for nostalgic purposes - or I just heard they have new music. I have always had Bat For Lashes in my iTunes and iPod. Whether I will be listening to the music often, I make sure I have my favourite songs in there. So today I revisited
some BAT FOR LASHES. I found the music A LONG TIME AGO. Like, 2009 or something - who knows? I can't remember. Sometimes when I revisit some songs or artists I remember things I like about them and why I liked them and where I was in my life at the time I enjoyed their music. Unlike many artists I used to like in my freshmen high school year, Natasha Khan hasn't changed her approach to music at all.

I have just listened to the most recent album "The Haunted Man" & I will state that I am still a fan of Natasha Khan and the her approach to music. If you are wondering about the background info on this artist: Natasha Khan goes by the stage name " Bat For Lashes" and is a Pakistani/English singer-songwriter from London. The first song I ever heard from her was "Daniel" and from then on I got caught up with her previous works and onward. She hadn't released a new album until 2012 from 2009. So I guess I just didn't think she was up to a lot. Though now I do see that she had been touring with Coldplay and such - so she was crazy busy.

If you like artists like Coldplay, Radiohead, Bjork, Cat Power, Annie Lennox and the like - you will quite possibly fall in love with BFL. Cause... I love Bjork ...and I would definitely put these two in a playlist together.

What I am listening to right now from the new album?
Oh Yeah by Bat For Lashes on Grooveshark

Wanna hear the new album?!

My Faves

Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of information! Haha...

I will be grabbing this new album for sure.

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