[ LIFE] Photo Diary Entry 1

8/27/2013 09:10:00 PM

Today my sister tagged along with me to my university for the freshman orientation. No, I'm not a freshman.  But I was a photographer for the event where we set up a makeshift photo booth and took photos of the new fresh faces.
It was my very first time with all this so I offered my little sister volunteer hours for the tag along.  Haha!
She arrived in the morning and then we headed downtown to meet up with my Team Leader you could say. She was organizing the whole endeavour and it was her idea...so.
To be honest I knew how to position the equipment but not how to but the equipment all together so it was quite an experience.  I guess I'm not too good at faking it to make it at times.

However the photos came out beautifully and it was fun!
Afterwards my sister and I walked downtown and gor some bubble tea. I tried Red Bean milk tea for the first time today and I really loved it! If only it was colder. ..next time I will get a slush version.  Loved it though. Tasted sorta like an iced latte from Starbucks without the coffee taste. Which is wonderful! 
My phone died so my ability to take photos couldn't happen.  Unfortunately. ..
My sis got me a cute long sleeve & a red circle scarf which was very soft and warm. Bith were only 10 bucks at the Black Market store in downtown Toronto.  Across from the muchmusic building.
Then we went home,  on our way it rained and poured and we were soaked...right when we got to the front door the rain stopped...so...we were not impressed.  To say the least.

Came home. Listened to music and ate Concord grapes. My favorite grape ever!

Plans for the rest of night would be to wash this rain water outta my hair and take a much needed shower.
Peace & Random Kendo!

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