[NATURAL HAIR] To Protective Style or Not to Protective Style?

8/28/2013 04:45:00 PM

Alright so...

For 3 days straight now I have been wondering whether or not I should give myself Havana Twists, get a wig or just wear my hair out!! I have been so lazy and my hair is SO THICK I haven't been taking the time to style it. i have been wearing turbans for a week. No maintenance at all. It sucks. So I have been looking all over the internets in order to figure out what I want to do with my hair!! I have been looking at Havana's cause they seem the easiest to do - without having to pay someone else to do it - and its within my Student Life Budget! so - I have been thinking on it. I have been thinking long and hard for 4 days. I may even come to a decision!The best technique that I found was actually from a vlogger by the account of: GodCallsMeBeloved - I always found it so hard to figure out the situation of how to get it to work for me. So her tutorial was the best for my comprehension of the Havana Twists situation. Maybe I will find out my technique on the way and do a video.

I am also thinking about doing protective styles for the rest of the damn year. Document the process - and the growth. I need to have my hair off my to-do list for a while. That's all. My hair grew a lot when I always out braids in my hair every couple months. So I may just need to do that again.

Decisions, Decisionsssssssss

I will let you know - obviously....


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