. one-hundred and thirty-four (Hard Out Here For A Napp. )

7/31/2009 12:52:00 AM

I've been coming into a lot of hardships with this natural hair...

I find that my natural hair sort of helps me in my left-outness and for some guys that Heartless and Areohessay hang out with, its not all that attractive. I get it, I know it could be odd to see and not look mainstream and sexy to them, but I always feel good so it never really matters but I will tell you about one or two experiences I have had in the last couple days:

1) went out on wednesday and some dude comes and talks to Heartless my other friend who's a lighter brown than me and her hair is straightened. He totally ignored me and stated how he liked white girls and lightskins and whatnot. I found it to be annoying, and everyone else we were with noticed it cept for them. AI don't know maybe they were blinded by his "charm" or whatever. But I didn't care he was a pinched asian kid anyway. So I wasn't having it either way, i just polietly ignored it though it DID ruin my evening.

2) went out yesterday and it probably wasnt my hair's fault, however I was very left out no matter how i tried to get in i was still out and it was annoying. But I won't blame last night on my napps at all.

All the guys I go to school with, I guess they were comfortable around me enough to accept it. they already knew me and enjoyed my personality enough to not even care. That why I like the people I go to school with and hang with. I don't know they are just more open to things and realize that not every black girl needs to look like the girls on B.E.T and they accept everyones beliefs and what-not. As long as your fun its alright.
I like people who talk and know how to keep conversation and talk to you again when they see you. I saw a lot of friends from school yesterday and it made me miss my school people. I don't know whhy, maybe cause when you go to school with people and see them everyday, they know you pretty well and what not.

I don't know. I'm having friend and social issues.

All I'm saying is caribana weekend is this weekend and we'll see how my hair is accpted this weekend. haha. this is like an experiment.

I've also thought some more and I think I may get braids or a weave in of some sort later just so my hair can grow. I manipulate it every other day...


I finally bought glycerin and HOLY SHIZNIT that shit is the BOMB DIGGITY!
I also bought africas best Herbal Oil, castor oil and Shea Butter oil. With some other kind of moisturizer. yay!

My hair has been nothing but soft and shiny lately. like....


well im going to watch Entourage!

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