. one-hundred and twenty-three

7/04/2009 02:37:00 PM

Organized my room a bit, since my grand-aunt is stopping by and you know, I don't want to embarrass my grandmother in front of her sister. Since that's all i ever seem to do....LOL. Ugh. Fck it I'm just hoping my room can stay clean for the rest of the summer.
you like my new bed sheets?
I LOVE THEM, I think it looks really nice with the room... i kind of wish I didn't paint my room green, i originally wanted it to be a deep purple. But they said i needed a primer, and me being a n00b was like "ugh, well what is another colour i can use" cause i didn't know i could just use coats and whatnot. Whatever, SORRY... It's too fricken late now.

So anyways,
I didn't get to post some photos of my second and most-humouras yet sad Club experience....so here those are.

Aren't we cute? LOL.

I still haven't told my grandmother about the phone, I have plans:
a) wait till i get a job, save up the money and buy a new cell w/ a new sim.
b) wait till my b-day and use all the money i hope i get to buy a new phone.
c) get a job, then save up that money, and then on my birthday ill hopefully get enough money to get a really nice phone and a sim...

I dunno.
I'm like so nonchalant-ish about it though...
Like it has happend to me SO MANY TIMES that i'm just like "fck life." you know?
cause seriously....fck this ish for real.

I was bored so i bleached some shorts, they came out good but i didn't wash them right away so some parts got a bit brown.... ugh what the fck ever...

I tried...im just experimenting.

I hope they bring food when they come home, im STARVED. It like i have stomach worms or something, no matter how much i eat it's never enough. LOL
And people are like "sharifa you're losing weight" and i'm like "really? cause im eating like a PIG"

Painted my nails orange.
Pfft. I'm so bored. LOL.

I'm thinking about Henna dying my hair...too bad i'm broke.
My TWA is getting bigger, and i don't like it ... LOL.
I like that's it's growing, but I don't like that it looks odd.
I was thinking about weaving it for a bit, just for no reason...
I might not though.
Wow look at that "i, i, i's"

I'm not one of those people who say "im broke" when I'm not broke...

My bank account consists of possibly 12 dollars or less.
My wallet had 6.87 this morning... now it has 4cents.

Like no joke.
I hate asking for money, so this is sorta my fault, however I DONT WANT TO ASK FOR MOOLAH. What do you want me to do? Ask for 200bucks to buy a cell phone and a simcard?

Geez. Life is so odd.


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