. one-hundred and twenty-four (did you ever?)

7/06/2009 08:00:00 PM

So I have realized that as of late, i have been bitching and complaining about my unemployment, and I have realized that this is not something I want to depress people with, or sound like a whiny complaining girl. I got off my ass today and went job hunting, and i feel pretty good about it.

Im watching House of Payne.

I thought about it today, my childhood, and my weirdness. I was always such a weird kid.
So that got me thinking, I wonder if anyone else was an odd kid like me...

Like I loved Anime, but then again, who didn't?
I hated stepping on those berry like things that came off the trees in the early fall and late summer, I would avoid them because it felt weird under my shoes.
I beat up boys that I liked, and boys that i hated... so.... uh.
I would shout random controversial things in religion class.
I was always a bit older for my age. Smart kid that knew things about life, that a little kid should still be oblivious about.
I used to pretend the streetlight were Dinosaurs and the cars were monsters and me and my sister would be acting like heros in those action/thriller movies and pretending to tranquilize monsters and call spy agencies giving descriptions on the "monster" and how to defeat them.
I used to cry when i saw old people, cause i felt bad at their diminishing life-span.

I did other weird crap, that I cannot quite recall at the moment..
But i was always an odd child growing up.. and i never really got teased about it, cause I was also very versatile.

I wonder what other weird things people have done as a kid, other than me.


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