. one-hundred and nineteen ( fck. my. life.)

7/01/2009 05:15:00 AM

What up?

I went to a club for the second time in my life last night, just got home at 4:07AM, its 5:17AM and I'm blogging...

a) It was a night which benefited all the punjabis, indians, pakistanis and all that are alike. The rest of us were having fun... until they were really pissing us off, cause there was BARELY any regular beats you know?
b) my phone got lost.
c) got home, the chai was on the door, then when someone finally decided to answer it was my uncle who started yelling at me, before i could even get the fck inside.
d) Now im home, tired, angry, sad, frustrated, disappointed, broke, and in pain.

My friend, who ha my cell in her pocket, which we think it fell out of, said she'll try to give me her sisters broken blackberry, you cant call but you can text.

Its not a sure thing, so I wont count on it.

I hereby ground myself from any other activities until i get a job.
No clubs.
No jams.
No outings.
No chilling, unless you're reaching my house.


Im punishing myself for being... alive.

ugh. fck it man..

It cant get any better....
can it?


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