. one-hundred and twenty-five ( coming to a stand-still)

7/09/2009 11:45:00 PM


watching the harsh grey smoke, dense in the atmosphere.
I stand here.

Trying to remember why and how things got dragged this far.
Why and how things got so bizarre.

Forgetting that there were no promises made...
I stand here alone, feeling betrayed.

sirens serenade the streets
synoptic thoughts repeat...

hit hard with regret
i fret
how will i get back all those wasted days of
and notions...

that somehow, someone thinks beyond your assets
and they just have their mind set
on loving you.

And not physically...
or at least not entirely so.

Smog suddenly dissipates.
everything is clear...
sky blue and cotton candy clouds adhere.

Learning from one's experiences is always good for life...
i wouldn't call this a mistake
just a mere strife.
though there was harmony involved...
romance dissolved and passed away,
forthwith anguish and melancholy remain.
as I walk off into the onward path of growth and vitality
in the future I will think back to this stand-still again.

Based on a Dream.
(Meh, frickum bored.)


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