. one-hundred and eight ("i saw you, fighting in the rain")

6/08/2009 04:19:00 PM

Song is in my head fo' realz

My friend is related to one of the the guys in the group.
So yeah..

I have nothing good to say today. Just thought I'd pop in and be absolutely random for a few minutes by talking about some weird ish. Exams start Friday. And I'm kind of nervous about volunteering at North By Northeast, since I'm going to be completely alone. But I kind of think it will be nice to do something away from everyone for a bit. Just have time to myself to do something fun and interesting and be apart of an event I've really loved for a long time. I hope i get to see the Cool Kids for free. Haha. I have to be downtown for a lot of the time, so I was thinking of just spending the week at my mom's place... just so that I won't have to travel so far from DOWNTOWN all the way to my house. My mom lives closer to DOWNTOWN. She basically is DOWNTOWN.

I think I want to read a good book, but I can't seem to get into any....
I was reading like 3 books. One at a time, obviously. I got bored of each one and dashed them into a corner. I miss the days where I read the Twilight Saga. Cause I had a passion for that book, like I HAD TO FINISH it. Now its all hyped and I already read ALL THE BOOKS. Everyone's like "OH EM GEE TWILIGHT" and me and my friends are like... "uhh, yeah. OLDNESS!" So anyone reading, if you have a good book you think I'll like (i like comedy. mystery is nice sometimes, a bit a drama is always fun. I need something that grabs me by the first paragraph.)

I've been listening to a lot of 90s and 80s music lately.  had this weird daydream of how life would be like if I was born in 82 instead of 92. a decade difference. Wow. Life just seemed  more fun back then. I mean, fashion-wise we're all just RE-DOING it and naming it retro. I hate RE-DOs and RE-RUNS. I like revolutions. Haha.

I thought about my friend problem...
I read the comments.
Thanks S.B for your kind words. I guess your right. Along with Rosa. I have that whole lifetime of mine to make new friends. Though it would be nice to have one of those friends that were with you for a really long time. My Dad has plenty of those, so does my grandmother and aunt and uncle.... I always envy them for having those. I hope I have one.
My GodMother was my mother and uncles friend since ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!! 
How wicked is that really?!!

I hope I have one of those. Even if it's just one... it would be pretty cool. Could be A.N, N.C, M.S or M.K . I think I have an idea of who it may be... if it were to happen.

But whatever, maybe I'll lose touch with every one of my friends and make absolutely new and improved ones. Haha. Maybe. Then start all over with them. Hmm. I wonder how my life will turn out. It's all kind of scary. I hope the world doesn't get worse. You knowww. OBAMA!! haha, he may just fix it. I have some faith in it. I really do.

Since Canada is basically the biter of America. -Sigh- Canada is a little worthless and pitiful.  However we have free health care. And that's why I'm staying! ;D
Along with the fact that I was born here, and I don't feel like going through the process of becoming a citizen somewhere else and getting my "landed". GEEZ. Its so much work. I've seen it happen. I helped my step-mother get hers by singing her the provinces of Canada, when I learned it in 4th grade. She thanked me by stealing the money in my bank account, beating, almost stifling me in gr. 5 and calling my worthless a lot... among other things.
But lets not stay on this topic.

I live my life to the fullest no matter what, I try to anyway. I hope I reach the places I want to reach.

I tried the Olive Oil Moisturizer yesterday... out of all the olive oil products I think this one is the best. It works bet on dry hair though....
I dunno. All I know is that my hair was soft and moist ALL DAY LONG. It's still moist right now. 
Ugh, I dread the day I have to get my hair braided. My scalp has been so relaxed lately, that I am POSITIVE that as soon as someone starts braiding it... all your gonna hear is PURE CRIES!!

I'm outie.
I was just blabbing on about random ish today.... lets just let this one slide.


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