. one-hundred and fifteen

6/24/2009 01:27:00 PM

This old man on the street dancing to "Playboy" by Candy Coated Killahz...
I was eating a hot dog and just watching this man, then I was like, "let me just record this." Hahha!

Anyways, life has been going pretty good so far. I ended up failing physics... haha, but im not going to summer school, I guess I'll just go to Night School.... ugh. I hope I do better next year, I really need to try hard to keep focused and not get side-tracked by boys or clothes, or parties, or drugs.... haha.
I skipped night school many times to get high, and I hate getting high, however I did it anyway.

However, now I'm POSITIVE that weed doesn't make me feel good, it makes me depressed, suicidal and tired.

I have not much good to say...

I have found a really good method for defining my curls while shampooing and condition my hair. I got it from

on youtube, it works SO GOOD, but her videos are not embed-able so.. maybe I'll make a vid to show people, her hair is longer than mine, so I had to do things differently for my hair's length in order for it to compensate better with my hair's level.

however, if you can't wait... go on youtube and search for cynthiarf, and when you're on her channel click her video log for manipulating her hair, then you'll see the videos and she does it in steps. Its really good.

well, I'm outy!


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