. one-hundred and four (30RANDOMFACTOIDS)

6/01/2009 10:31:00 PM


So I am openly stealing this from Sei'Lani Britagne 
so yeah. I was taking my free time as I skip the last day of Night school to read everyone of my blog subscriptions, BOY DO I HAVE A LOT OR WHAT?, and I passed by G!rl Snatch and decided....you know what? Lets do this!!

Okay, let us begin. 

ONE: i am jamaican decended and I have a bit of other things mixed in such as; Barbados, and Trinidad.. but I barely look at those.

TWO: I have gone through many phases in life, including my ASAIN WANNABE phase, which I am sooo greatful to be DONE WITH. And I believe that I have found my true self to some extent right about now.

THREE: I listen to any and every type of music, and I don't really care. As long as it isn't Country, everything alright. I don't really enjoy, what i love to call "dumb rap" I listen to genuine hip-hop though. 

FOUR: I have MAD celeb crushes on: Pharrell, Tom Cruise, Jude Law, Trey Songz, Kid Cudi and John Legend

FIVE: I like to sing in the shower, take walks alone on the streets of Toronto, Bike through the parks, and tweet. LOL.

SIX: I get nausea after swinging on a swing for some time...

SEVEN: I hate to get high, but I get high when I feel completely bored, and sometimes when I think it may cure something... but then it ends up making me feel like shit, so i have stopped. SMOKING IS A NO NO.

EIGHT: Played the BARITONE for three years. Hated it.

NINE: Used to be such a tomboy back in the day, and still sort of is to an extent.

TEN: Used to want to be a singer, until I got discouraged... now I just sing to myself when no one is watching. Only a few have heard me.

ELEVEN: Used to want to be an actress, until she once again got discouraged.

TWELVE: Had her first kiss at the age of 9. 

THIRTEEN: Went to the Gay Parade and got interviewed with my friend, since everyone thought we were the MOST INTRESTING COUPLE there. One Black Jamaican and One Pakistani...WOAH!?! -___-

FOURTEEN: loves giraffes and wants to be one in her next life.

FIFTEEN: Sometimes switches outfits right after leaving the house, just cause I feel uncomfortable.

SIXTEEN: Hates when she leaves the house and people are outside...cause I feels as if she's being watched.

SEVENTEEN: Has trust issues.

EIGHTEEN: Is shy, not too confident, and always SO SHOCKED when I get complimented. Sometimes I feel like the persons just trying to be nice or something.

NINETEEN: Used to be quite chubby.

TWENTY: Hates when people lie about stupid shit.

TWENTY-ONE: Had first "boyfriend" at the age of 11?

TWENTY-TWO: Listens to music in the shower.

TWENTY-THREE: Painted her room green for her sixteenth birthday...

TWENTY-FOUR: Wants to plant a tree.

TWENTY-FIVE: Has 2 birthmarks (one in a very odd place) and 3 beauty marks?

TWENTY-SIX: Was basically white as a young baby until I was about six-years old.

TWENTY-SEVEN: Has yet to go to an open-mic night.

TWENTY-EIGHT: Loves her hair as it is right now, and seriously never felt so IN PLACE and put together. No matter what anyone says. I know it looks pretty damn fly. It may not be the norm, but it works. Black people just don't look too right with pin-straight hair (as Sei'Lani Britagne said... haha) Its just odd...to me. I thought it was SO BORING, and flat. I was always trying to tease it and shit. Then I was like....fCK it. It looks so boring. I was always trying to find a way to make it look LESS BORING and still like it. And i've found my solution. So fCK those who can't take it in....

TWENTY-NINE: Is an audible kisser, and it bothers me. I FCKEN HATE IT... dont know why, I just do.

THIRTY: (i have to make this one good...)
I have learned throughout my phases in life, that I shouldn't try to do anything for anyone but me. And that is how I live. Not selfishly but not selflessly.


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