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5/31/2009 07:18:00 PM

Watching The Hills!

I love this show, for real... I feel so extremely sad that Heidi and Lauren couldn't be friends a lot of the way through the show. I have a feeling certain things may change, but you know, the show just just just started so.... I can't exactly say, and no one come up to me and ruin the ending and shit. This is the episode where Heidi gets married, and invites Lauren, and it just passed the part where she is picking out a wedding dress and gets all sad and says "Thats okay, at least I have you guys..." and I almost ALMOST ALLLLLLMOOOOST cried, it was just that sad. Ugh, I hate losing friends, or watching friends fall apart, honestly. I try my best to keep my friends, but if things just aren't working and I don't feel like I can trust them, their level of Friendship just demotes and demotes. You know?

But yeah, any whoooooo..


Last night was fun, went to a House Party that was supposed to be a Jam, however there was NO music, so it was more like a Chillout House Party. Uh, yeah. People kept falling down the stairs so I kept busting out with LAUGHTER, and girls got in free, while dudes had to pay FIVE DOLALRS, so i crept in first from my gang, cause I was HAPPY AS FCK that for once in my life I don't have to reach in my wallet, or someone elses. After that, we took four night buses, since the subways stopped working, home and ran into many Oddities. Ugh, I hate Night buses, because there are always weird drunkies and junkies. Also, some drunkie asked my for Oral on the GOTDAMN BUS!! I was pretty cheesed, but the guy was drunk, I 'm sure if he was in his right ind he would not have done that... you just have to blow things off your counter sometimes you know?

So yeah...

went to Mel's house slept over and left at like 4PM without any call from my Grandmother.



I went to my ex's place, and as you may have figured I would've done, I kissed him.... I don't even know how it happened really. I just can't even believe it happened!! He has to be the only one ex that I have actually gone back and forth to. He has this thing where he just tells me a shitload of shit, that no one has ever told me. And as much as some people would like to believe I am confident and I don't care wether or not people love me. But IM NOT. And he, A.G, makes me feel as if, I can only get that kind of love from one person in life. He never makes me feel ugly, or anything. He always accepts me for who i am and what I am wearing or how my hair looks. He never cares and never loses interest. Which has proven to be good and bad. He makes it seem as if I AM THE ONE who doesn't deserve him, cause he shows so much feeling and I don't.

It's so odd.

I am not getting back with him...
All he really wants is to take my virginity.

I know.

But I can't bring myself to let go completely....


I am getting really lazy with this, so maybe I'll get back to this later, The Hills FINALE is coming on in FIVE MINUTES!! So i'm going to blog some more later.

I'm planning on riding my bike to school for the last two weeks of school... should be fun...
I can't believe MAY IS OVER and we're going into June!! Ugh, and it feels like March! FCK YOU GLOBAL WARMING....LIKE SHIT!

Enjoy this vid of me and my girls in the bathroom at this rich dudes House Jam.


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