Ninety-two... ( help? )

5/20/2009 01:14:00 AM

Okay, so I thought I was tired...turns out I'm not.

I want to change the layout and overall look of this blog, I'm getting mega-bored of this look now...
Like I want to keep the sketch, it's cute. However, I think I just want a different layout. I've tried fixing it up myself however, as much as I'd like to be MEGA technosavy, I'm not. So, if anyone's reading this, and knows how to do this...teach me, or just message me or something and help a girl out. I don;t know, I just get bored easily, so I want to switch it up a bit...but no matter what I do...I fail miserably.

So anyone out there...
holla at meh!

Anyways, once again out of UTTER boredom I'm up here checking on soe DIY fashion bloggers, cause I always find them quite interesting. Ugh, I need a life, a job, and a glass of water. I just looked at my hands and no matter how many times i lotion them, they look dry and scary! Ugh, how much water must I really drink man! I bring water with me to school everyday! GAWD!
Water tastes so BLAH.


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