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5/25/2009 02:50:00 PM

Can you believe that I've been blogging for like THE WHOLE DAY!?!



But yeah, I was reading some other blogs today, and I noticed that I haven't been doing a lot of "poetry" or I'd just like to call them "words all jumbled up together to make up one statement of something left unsaid." You know? I think I haven't done it, cause I haven't been drowning in personal trauma right now. Like I used to before... always on and on'ing about my Exes and writing a bunch a shit about them. Until I actually told him what was going on, he was an ass about it, and flipped the script on me to make ME look like the villain. ARRG! That prick. Whateves. I've become closer with his "group of friends" so I've seen a lot more of him then I'm used to. It's too late to back out now, they are even talking to me on Facebook and MSN... so now it's sort of legit, I guess. Haha. 

But yeah...

I remember how extremely hurt I was, you could probably recall me being like that too. Then last week Friday I was hanging out with his friends (who are now, also my friends) and him, and we were sitting next to each other, having actual conversations, and being all friendly again... for the first time in MONTHS... and I felt nothing. I felt nothing at all. I remember how eager I was to even be able to have a civilized conversation with him again, just to be friends with him again... how I'd try and get him back, or some shit like that. However, that afternoon it was just like talking with any other guy. No feelings. No resent. No hunger for more. It was just, whatever.
I was really surprised, that I didn't even have the urge to talk about it with someone later, it was just like whatever
I guess I REALLY got over him. 

I heard that it takes the same amount of time that you were dating someone, for you to get over them... sometimes a bit longer....
EXAMPLE: "MR. PERFECTION" and I were dating for like 3 months.
He broke up with me in November, I didn't get over him until like I don't even know March or something...
So it took me like an extra month or so to get over him..... when it should have taken 3 months.

Get it?
Got it?

So yeah. i can't really bring myself to do a "poem" right about now... since I'm pretty chilled with life right now. Got my haircut, and that's all that really matters right now... haha!
So yeah, I've just been thinking ALL DAY LONG. While aiding my cold, and doing my laundry. My life isn't the greatest, it kinda sucks... but i'm living with it.  I can't linger on how shit it is, I can only try to make it better, by living to the fullest and doing what I need to do.

(in no particular order)

i think that's all of it..

Hopefully this is my LAST BLOG OF THE DAY...haha.



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