. ninety-one ( acceptable vs. un-acceptable )

5/19/2009 10:25:00 PM


I'm at my dad's place.

I'm lazy.

I'm behind in homework, I really should've dropped out of night school...

I think I had some sort of weird hyperactive lag today from the long weekend. It was so all over the place, in and out of my house, up and down and around...like wow. It wasn't as much as it could have been, however... it was a lot for a school weekend. That stuff is usually saved for the vacation. You know?


I was told that my ex asked this niner out, and she turned him down, which is pretty hilarious. I was also told he's quite the ASS nowadays, who thinks he's a hot man and can get anyone he pleases. Oh well, he isn't very liked... I don't really care, but still...it was on my mind today when he randomly said hi to me at DAY school. I don't know, I was just like "why?"...in my mind.

Moving on:

My hair is soft as heck...it's hilarious to me, cause I'm always up in my hair on the local transit. People kind of look at me funny but I don't really care, white people i know do it all the darn time. SO WHATEVES! I've come to the conclusion that I am going to end up being one of those naturals who care about their hair, and do what they must to maintain it's health, but won't go all out and braid their hair and stuff all the time. I prefer the hair out looks. You know?


On to the point of this post....

Ok so, went out this weekend as you already know, and even though i am about to totally expose myself I dont really care cause this is serious. I mean, it isn't that serious, however...I feel like a hypocrite...

So my friends used to constantly approach me with the whole "oh my gawd, i got a hickey, i don't know how to feel, is it good or bad?" and i don't even REMEMBER what I used to say to them...but it was never very supportive of it. Now here i am getting hickies from a dude i'm not even dating! WTF?
I don't know...

It's not that big of a deal when I think about it..
But then again, it's weird...i don't even know.
I need help.

I feel bad about it cause I don't even really really like the dude. Ugh.

The whole story is messed though...not even about to talk about it.

I guess I should just stop getting all uppity on this, and just enjoy my youth as it is...
Risk is necessary at times.

I'm tired, I'm off to bed...



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