. ninety-three (THE COOL KIDS)

5/21/2009 03:18:00 AM

i am going to bed, but i just quickly have to tell you that The Cool Kids's mixtape is out and its freeee at


hit it up!
the songs are RIDONKULOUS!!
I love this mixtape...i mean not as much as DAHLAK's mixtape (you should check him out too, his mixtape was played over and over in my house for months!! And IM STILL NOT FED UP!) I'd give you Dahlak's link, however i'm too lazy to find it, but just search Dahlak. If you love my playlists you'll love DAHLAK and THE COOL KIDS.

fo' reals.


I made a little 11 songed playlist (of the songs that aren't as fantastic as the ones on the mixtape) just to give you all a taste of them, but c;mon....the mixtape is for FREE, so if you digg it, download the ZIP and if you arne't sure, DOWNLOAD IT ANYWAY cause there are much better songs on the mixtape and there are ALOT OF THEM.

It's FREE music.

Digg into it folks!

i'm off to bed, it's 3:24AM.


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