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5/17/2009 05:55:00 PM

So yesterday i was SUPPOSED to go to a jam....

We went and my friend, Rosa didn't really know how to get there, she basically had the directions and didn't know what the hell to do with them. So we travel our long distance only so that the next 16 people she invited to this jam (where she didn't know the birthday boy or girls!)could get kicked out. So in the end we all had to leave, not before we took some photos in the apartment first though, and we all stayed at one of her friend's apartment for the rest of the night, until 4AM.

Doing what you ask?

Eating pizza, they were smoking, playing Rockband and listening to music, only to get up and dance every 30 minutes....and no one was dancing...we were basically chilling in the dark. WHAT. THE. HELLSINKI.

So yeah. That was my night. We woke up later and hit up some breakfast place called "Golden Gritters" or something, which was really Golden Shitters, cause their pancakes tasted watery, their sugar tasted like it was for people with diabetes, they call fruit salad and shot glass of melon and one orange, like WTF!?


So we hit the town and went window shopping, well TOOHeartless bought some things, and bought me a Green Tea Frappacino, since I maxed out on breakfast. And then we went home.

It was a really good day, all in all. I was surprised my grandmother didn't call to check on me at all or even bitch when i called to check on HER! What a day. I was glad I got to spend time with them though, on account of I don't spend too much time with TOOHeartless, it's only been lately. For some reason, I'm not complaining though, I'm just saying...you know?


Thats it for today, I'm gong to do some laundry. We're supposedly going to the beach tomorrow. Meh, Canada's beaches aren't so great but, whateves.



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