. eighty-four (Making the First Move?)

5/08/2009 10:51:00 PM

It's seen as either desperate or butchy to make the first move when asking a guy out...

I vowed, when I was a young child that I would never ever ever EVER, make the first move ever in life. So today I went ahead and disobeyed my law and texted the crush I have (the guy who gave me a bus ticket), randomly on thebus being bored and playing with my phone... and said:

"Do you want to chill? Maybe go for a walk? Lol I don't get text back so call me with your answer."

SURPRISINGLY he called me back in like less that half an hour and was like , "Sure, i'll call you tomorrow and if you want we could chill...if you want."
I was ready to be like "OBVIOUSLY I WANT TO, THATS WHY I TEXTED YOU DUMBY!!" But I was just like "alright." HAHA! This is like the first time I've initiated a date... Wow.
I don't know what we're going to do....but we'll have fun...
I feel like a gelato, so maybe he'll wnt to get one. Haha.

This brings up the question I was asking myself on the way home, awaiting his call...
"Is it normal to do that?" I mean, I know nowadays no one cares, but i know my friends were like "don't do it, wait for HIM" but, he is just TOO SHY!
I hate shy guys, but this guy's sooo cute and sweet and mannered, that it's okay..

A nice guy indeed.

So, would you make the first ove if you really liked a dude? Some people don't have the guts. I think I did it cause I was tired on my way home from hanging with some friends and out of tiredness and boredom I texted him. Cause DUNNO I would've never done it if I was in my right state of mind.

Now I'm scared of the actual day, cause I'm sort of shy too, and not good at dates with people I especially don't really know or hang out with too much. You know? Ugh. I guess I will just keep asking questions? I'm not good at first dates.

Is this even a date though?
It is a walk...



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