. eighty-eight (Not Goin' Ta School...)

5/15/2009 08:38:00 AM

Because my whole entire school is going to be on a walk-a-thon today, and
i forgot to bring in my permission form, and fund-raising moolah! So I'm home and thinking about how I really need a job...

I have decided that I will have to just settle for...McDonalds.

How can I go from working at The Gap to working at McFRICKENDonalds?!
I'll tell you how; by really needing cash and settling for anything legal. FML.

SO while I was reminiscing on the days where I USED to have cash, i decided to go lurking around for nice...HOLD UP.
My news channel is playing "no games" by SERANI....hahaha!!!

Okay anyways, back to what I was saying before I was hilariously interrupted..
I decided to look for some nice gladiator sandals and pumps online.

My friends bought pair yesterday at ALDO...I was a bit annoyed that I only bought shorts, cause I really wanted a pair for myself...-cries-


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