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5/04/2009 12:33:00 AM

From goodtherapy.org:

Blogging as therapy

In my comment to Stuart Henshall's post about his decision to pack in blogging I wrote that the main benefit for me from blogging has been the close circle of friends it has given me. I have written in the past about how close that group can feel and how online friendships can feel at least as intimate as face to face ones.

I have in the past had two or three very close friends who I have spent a lot of time with and with whom I feel I can share anything - no matter how long it has been between seeing each other. However I haven't been in touch with those friends for a very long time now and, despite trying, those rewarding face to face friendships haven't transferred easily to online conversations.

I am beginning to feel the absence of this sort of close friendship and the space it affords to sort things out in your head and to have a group of people willing to accept you for what you are and allow you to really open up about what is troubling you.


From abcnews.com:

Blogging: The Group Therapy of the 21st Century?

If you're anxious, depressed or just have a gripe to air, there's a good chance you can log on to the Internet and find countless others just like you writing about their problems in personal blogs.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project estimates 11 million Americans have already created personal Web logs, or blogs, and some 30 million people regularly read them. Bloggers write about everything from their favorite band or what they ate for dinner to discussing politics, infertility or problems in the workplace.

Some bloggers and psychologists say that these online journals are a healthy development -- a 21st century version of group therapy.


I don't know...I guess it's right cause, there are a lot of things I blog about but I never say to many people...

It's sort of fun cause ... well just cause. The world always makes people who speak their mind look so bad and mean, but in reality it's just honesty. I have gotten in ish many times in the past for speaking my mind, so blogging helps me do so... without the drama. Sometimes I try not to use names on the internet, cause one time my friend found my blog by typing her name. HAHA. So yeah... I should refrain from fully using the person's name every minute. But that is mostly what some blogs are about. A person's daily adventures and their mishaps and feelings about their day. Some people don't do that, but either way... that what most blogs basically are. One person's personal thought on something, and then they get people who think their thoughts, endeavors, or general life is interesting and follows and comments every now and then. I kind of do think Blogging could be group therapy. For example, my hair journey...

I looked at many blogs to get the information and encouragement I NEEDED to get through my business, and it helped. Not only that, but a lot of people have awesome music...haha. Truth be told, I have Bookmarked some blogs just for their music.

Talking about music....

I edited my playlist, finally... I tried getting some songs from the old playlist.... but couldn't get a hold of them...oh well. Life.

Bom Bom Bom, gotta get that BOM BOM BOM...

That song is the shiz right about now.

I must have been the last to know it was by Black Eyed Peas, but that's alright. Some people are already sick of it...however I am at the "LISTEN TO THIS JAM EVERY MINUTE" phase. Sorry.

I went to a party. It was alright, kinda lame compared to my others...then I went to my mommy's house and took a long walk and swung on the swings =]
I haven't swung on a swing for a year, and I haven't swung with my mother since I was probably 5 years old. So it was great day. She made me eggs, which tasted AMAZING. Just right

I'm outy.




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