. eighty-one ("Screw This Life")

4/30/2009 08:25:00 PM

I must have said "Screw this life" 50 times today...

@ 9:00am - slept in. Woke up and realized i will not be able to make it for first period or even second period...due to the way the buses work... and so i said "screw this life" for the first time today while looking at the time.

@ 10:15am - looked at the weather, figured it was raining, however I left my umbrella at school... " therefore i said "screw this life" again.

@ 10:20AM - While watching Ellen Degenres (sp?) Ryan Reynolds confirms he is married to Scarlett Johanson. "screw this life"

@12:12pm - my friend tells me our Drama play review is due tomorrow and we also have a Christianity test to do tomorrow, along with the fact that I missed the Judaism test and I have to do that as well. Therefore I said "screw this life" once again.

@12:25pm - Bell rings for 3rd period. I have gym, I'm wearing a kilt, and I hate changing from kilt to sweats and back. I wasn't too excited for gym today either. "screw this life"

@12:28pm - I change and realize I forgot to shave my legs after removing my stockings....
now i have to go out in the gymnasium with hairy legs...in co-ed gym. "screw this life"

@1:36pm - 4th period, we get back our physics test...i got 40%... "screw this muthaeffing life"

@1:40pm - i go to coffee time to get tea, I forgot my change in my backpack. "screw this life"

@2:58 pm - i'm playing the piano in my friend's vocal class, as we wait for the vocals teacher to arrive and test her. I play all the low notes and say "screw this life."

@3:15pm - my friend leaves her binder in the playroom (aka the second gym) and makes me and two other friends follow her, only to realize the binder is no longer there. "screw this life".

@3:17pm - we pass by the Teacher/Student band's practise and i say aloud "doesn't ms.knight have marking to do?" as the music stops. "ugh. screw this life" cause she probably heard me.

@4:15pm - on the bus and didn't get a seat, which sucks cause I walked halfway home out of boredom and got the bus the rest of the way, my legs were killing. "screw this life"

@ 5:00pm - I get home and i see my grandma is home....which makes me mad cause I like being home alone for at least 3 hours. "screw this life". at least there was dinner.

@ 7:00pm - after realizing the procrastination I've been doing...

I haven't finished the homework... "screw this life"

Is there any time where you just think to yourself "ugh. screw it." or "screw this life" ? or is it just me....Haha.
I'm sure my day could've been worse.


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