Getting Fit for Late Spring/Early Summer.

4/10/2009 12:32:00 PM

Oh lawd!
My hair is EXTRA dense man! There is hair ALL OVER my head! And the coils or SERIOUS and the shrinkage is EXTRA SERIOUS! I feel like it's getting thicker every day. I like wake up in the morning and i'm like "HOLY! Did it grow?" but maybe thats just me not being used to touching a full head of naps every orning. Its like being newly married, or just moving in with your boo.
You aren't used to them in the early morning.

A N Y W A Y S . . .

Whenever - KiD CuDi

So, i gained about 4 pounds this week...which isn't huge deal for me, however i don't want to gain ANYMORE.

So i remembered a while back when I was chubby (because i was chubby last year) I went on yahoo answers and asked a question about how to stay fit. This is the answer I got:

a low-carb, low fat, high-fiber diet is the best diet. this is a sample menu, about 1200 calories the whole day. you will not spend a lot, and you will not feel hunger.

1 pc toast / sliced bread
1 pc banana or apple
1 glass of milk
tea or coffee with low cal sweetener (or sugar)

10 am snack:
1 banana or apple OR
10 pcs of berries OR
1 cup popcorn
1 glass lemonade or juice

open sandwich (no bread on top) containing:
1 slice of smoked ham/or turkey since Sharz doesn't eat pork (about 60 grams)
tomatoes, lettuce, onion
1 glass juice/lemonade/tea
(i did this yesterday except i had an ice cap instead of lemonade or tea)
4pm snack:
3 pcs of oreo cookies OR
1 palmful peanuts OR
any medium sized fruit

1 100-gram cut of lean meat (if chicken, no skin)
1 1/2 golfball size serving mashed potato or pasta
up to 2 cups of green veggies or steamed carrots and peas
dessert: any medium fruit OR
1 golfball size of low fat ice cream or sorbet
1 cup of coffee or tea

you can do variations of this sample plan. very low cost (not totally no cost of course), and low maintenance. you will not feel any hunger at any time of the day. the best thing is, these foods are definitely available in your own house, probably also the things you eat daily. and you will not deprive yourself so binging and mood swings will be avoided.

throw in some exercise while you're at it: jogging, weightlifting for muscle development, pilates for flexibility (there are websites that show some basic pilates moves), powerwalking for stamina building. even regular day to day activities help - walking to the bus station, bicycling to the supermarket, mopping the floor, you can even do some jogging in-place while watching TV. remember that a well balanced diet and regular exercise is still the best. not only will you be kept trim, you will also stay healthy.

remember that there are no quick-fix diets and exercises. starving yourself and pushing yourself to extreme exhaustion would only lead to even more dangers, and a higher medical cost. the best way to achieve your goal and to get a healthier body is to incorporate a well balanced diet and enough exercise in your daily life.

i am a professional fitness instructor.

Hope this may help someone else who's trying to get fit for late spring and early summer.
You have to start this ish from right now, or at least i feel as if it is a good idea to.


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