. seventy-eight (I Am Feeling...)

4/28/2009 11:31:00 PM

Beautiful (& Snoop Dogg) - Pharrell

Haha, i don't know why...
I thought t would be hard keeping up my confidence, but it's been going quite amazingly as of late, I got so many people saying i look BETTER this way, and how I should KEEP IT like this.
I mean, I love my TWA and all, but I would also love me some growth....i want to get my puffs on! I love puffs dude, they are EXTRA cute. Haha.

I went shopping today and bought:
Herbal Essences Conditioner(hello hydration)
John Freida's Hair Detangler...and I tried free samples of this product yesterday and it was pretty good, so I decided to buy it, it was on sale.

(signs of a product junkie are definitely showing up here...)

and last but not least...
A Denman brush.

So I tried it out and so far I think that it isn't that big of a deal. It's an awesome detangler like, it would be the WOLVERINE of all detangling tools. However, I don't see anything else, it defines the curls a bit to....however its not something amazing...maybe i was using it wrong? I find that silly though, its a brush...how else do i use it?!?

Well whatever.

Thats it.

DENMAN gets: 6/10 cause It's alright...nothing special to me.

I'm tired and going to bed.

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